Download: Pac-Man Dash! for Android (NEW)

Download: Pac-Man Dash! for Android (NEW)

Good news for users of Android devices. Because Pac-Mac Dash! have been present in the Google Play Store. Games are popular in the 80s has been getting updates does not like Pac-Man game ever. True to its title, the Pac-Man game Dash! Pac can run very fast.

Pac-Man Dash! for Android

Pac-Man Dash! offers a very interesting game graphics and supported the new features that are not less exciting. Pac-Man Dash! for Android comes with humorous animations, colorful and certainly you have to be vigilant because the game is now the yellow "Pac" can move faster. Pac-Man Dash! offers features 4 save file complete with Google Drive integration, which can be played without disturbing some people without obtaining your score.

So what else are you waiting for? Soon to play Pac-Man Dash! on your Android device. Now also you can download Pac-Man Dash! for free on Google Play Store.

Along with the presence of Pac-Man Dash! for Android, as well as Namco also announced the "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventure" will be present for the game console. Unfortunately Namco did not provide information on when the game Pac-Man is going to release its latest. so, look forward to the latest news developments "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventure"