Tips iOS: how to prevent iphone from heating up

Tips iOS: how to prevent iphone from heating up

Each new version of the platform that was released could certainly still have bugs and imperfections here and there, it should be recognized. Looking at the history of releases earlier iOS versions, has always given a minor upgrade to remove various bugs so you can predict Apple will give you a similar minor update iOS 7 after the final version was released.

Problems on WiFi, wasteful batteries, bugs in the App Store as well as the latest and easy Passbook lockscreen cracked, never went to iOS 6. You certainly do not expect similar problems will arise in iOS 7 but from the reports of the developers who have been using iOS beta 7, their iPhone quickly overheating.

Heat source coming from the components inside the iPhone is not going to cause any permanent damage but it certainly would feel uncomfortable if you hold the iPhone in hot conditions.

To overcome the problem of overheating in the iPhone, you can unlock iOS setting 7 to make some changes: Privacy> Location Services> System Services.

From there you please change some of the options below to the OFF position:
- Diagnostics & Usage (function for reporting errors and problems to Apple).
- Location-based iAds (display ads based on your location).
- Cool Near Me (featuring popular events from friends on Facebook and Twitter via the notification).
- Wi-Fi Networking (look for the location where you are located via Wi-Fi hotspots when you are outside the reach of services).

In addition to the above options, you also need to know that GPS is a source of heat faster iPhone. For that you need to turn off all GPS-based services if you do not really need it. Applications such as Camera, Passbook, Safari, Shazam and Twitter always detect your position via GPS, for that you can change all the apps to the OFF position when not required.

To see if the location services are used or not, you can change the status bar icon to the ON position, located at the bottom of the System Setvices. In this way the purple location services icon will appear in the status bar at the top of the screen.

Another way to prevent overheating iPhone:
1. Replace car adapter.
2. Remove and set up your iPhone as a new device (no restore).
3. Do not attach the case when charging.
4. Charge your iPhone before traveling to the hot temperature
5. Turn off all unused services (Bluetooth, push notifications, etc..).
6. Position the screen brightness as low as possible
7. Turn off the turn-by-turn directions.

Tips to prevent overheating in the general can be used in all versions of iOS, including iOS 7. Good luck and hopefully you can avoid the iPhone overheating

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