Tips Android: Accelerate the search via Google Search

Tips Android: Accelerate the search via Google Search

A number of users sometimes complain that even if they had advanced Android smartphone and have subscribed to unlimited internet package, but do a search via Google Search is also very long. If you are tired of seeing the spinning loading circle endlessly, there is an easy trick to speed up the process.

The main cause of the slow process of setting was allegedly Search Applications Provider in Android, which uses a reference from the list of applications you have in your smartphone to be used as the basis of the search. To fix this, you can simply disable the feature. The trick? Immediately, access Settings - Apps - All -  Search Applications Provider, then check the option to disable the app, and finish. Easy, is not it?

Features Search Applications Provider may still not be optimized to the maximum. A bug has been identified and presented on the issue tracker, but Jean Baptiste Queru aka AOSP JBQ as the boss still has not agreed that the bug is entered into the realm of AOSP.

Some people may complain that it get a new problem when disable Search Applications Provider, but the trick proved successful when tested by the Android Police team. If you are ready to risk it, just try this trick on your Android smartphone.

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