Android Tips: How to Send / Receive SMS in Google Chrome Without Mobile

Android Tips: How to Send / Receive SMS in Google Chrome Without Mobile

If you're using Android smartphone then these tips will be very beneficial for you. Yup, especially when you do not forget to bring the phone but need to keep in touch via SMS messages. If you have access to a computer then you will still be able to send or receive SMS without an Android phone. How do I?

Without Andorid phone in hand, you can still receive and send SMS using the Chrome browser and support Android apps named MightyText. Applications are also known as Texty was able to synchronize SMS with Chrome browser via an extension. That way you can use Chrome to send receive SMS as well, without having to use an Android phone.

To be able to send and receive SMS via Chrome, you should first download MightyText Android app from Google Play Store.

After MightyText installed on an Android phone, open the application and follow the MightyText on connecting with your Google account.

Then install MightyText Chrome Extension in browser.

install MightyText Chrome Extension in browser

After installation is complete, you will be faced with a notification that says that you can start sending and receiving SMS from the Chrome browser. An icon will be added to the browser, click the icon.

After clicking on the icon MightyText, you will be notified of the status of your account: You are not logged into your Google account. Click on the link to sign-in using your Google account.

The above steps will bring you to a new page. Click 'Allow'

When access was allowed, you will see a popup in the upper right-hand corner of the computer screen. Stupid popup that tells you the number of SMS you received since you insall MightyText. Since then, each SMS you receive will be notified via the popup.

You also have to start sending SMS messages using a computer directly from the Chrome browser. Every time you want to use the SMS application, simply open the Chrome browser and click on the icon to open the SMS MightyText page.

Good luck ;)

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