Master programming strategy for beginners

Master programming strategy for beginners

Before we learn / explore a field that must first be understood is the definition of the field that we will go into / learn. Definitions of the following is the programming that I quoted from Wikipedia. Programming is the process of writing, testing and repair (debug), and maintain code that builds a computer program. The code is written in various programming languages. The purpose of programming is to load a program that can perform a calculation or 'work' in accordance with the wishes of the programmer. To be able to do programming, required skills in algorithms, logic, programming languages, and in many cases, such as knowledge-knowledge of mathematics. Programming is an art in using one or more algorithms that are interconnected using a particular programming language to become a computer program. Different programming languages support different styles of programming. This programming style called programming paradigms. Is the software program is more of an art, science, or engineering has long been debated. Good programmers usually combine these three things, in order to create an efficient program, both in terms of running time (running time), or a memory.

Ok, from the confused, bewildered we wrote a brief definition can be said like this, that's the way Programming / process we interact with computers.

Where each interaction requires using a language of communication between the computer and the human, this language form code that we write in the computer, each language has a different code types exist language C language, Java, Visual Basic etc., which will be discussed in another chance ... or can we find on google about the programming language, there will appear a lot of programming languages. Starting from a low level language "machine language", mid-level "languages C" level up "like JAVA".

From the definition, we can map out what steps we need to do and prepare to master programming, especially for those of you who are beginners once, if at least could be written in detail some of the points below:

Ask the people who understand and have a lot of insight into basic programming specifically related programming. Much was asked. People who can understand the lecturers, seniors, or your peers who know better. My suggestion is more comfortable with the seniors because he is a middle man that understands the concept of its educational programming and language easier to understand by beginners because it used the language of friendship.

If learning a lot of terms you do not understand look for references on the internet as he understood when meeting with people who understand programming we ask again what the purpose of that term as a beginner because sometimes it is hard to digest Because it is still a new thing.

When you are already familiar with the first part just trying to direct practice repeatedly.
Strengthen discrete mathematics, logic is actually just to hone and practice with many bertaya.
Do not ever say unusual, all on Awalanya definitely HARD BUT CAN. No cause can not be learned all you can learn as long as we are optimistic.

Hopefully this strategy can help you in mastering a little programming for beginners.

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