12 Google Search Tricks You Should Try

12 Google Search Tricks You Should Try

You search the web or in Google's image was used. Want incredible? Here below 12 Unique Tricks Google search that you must try!

1. Using Google as a Calculator

Google has a built-in calculator, just try to put such calculations
270 * ((55/5) + 3), you will see the results:

270 * ((55/5) + 3) = 3780

Yes, even if your computer is also equipped calculator, but if you spend most of your day inside a browser, typing your calculation into the browser's search box faster than opening your calculator application

2. Using Google as a Spell Checker

If you are not sure about the spelling of a word, just enter the word into Google, this is a quick way to see if you have the correct spelling. If incorrect, Google will suggest the correct spelling instead. In addition, if you want to get a definition of a word, you can use the "define:" operator to return definitions from various dictionaries, for example:

define: parasympathetic

3. Restricting Search to Site Specific

Many sites have a built-in search tools but most of the time they do not return the results you are looking for. If you search for david beckham in funkydowntown.com post.

4. Checking the Current Time in State Anywhere in the World

This feature allows you to check the current time state or city in the world so you do not call someone in the middle of the night. To check the time, just enter "time" followed by the name of the city. For example:

time hong kong

5. Currency Conversion with Fast

Google can also do currency conversion, for example:

150 pounds in dollars

6. Using the OR Operator

This can be useful if you're looking at research topic, but you are not sure which keywords will return the information you need. This can be very useful in conjunction with the "site:" operator.

7. Exclude the term with the sign "-"

You can narrow your searches using this operator. For example, if you are looking for information about Anang but do not want anything about Ashanty just because you do not like Victoria LOL, you can try:


8. Search for a Specific Document Types

Google can search the web for specific file types by using the filetype ":" operator. If you're looking for PowerPoint files about Make Money Online, for example, you can try:

Reproductive biology filetype: PPT

9. Search In Numerical Range by Using ".."

If you want to find information about the Football World Cup events that occurred in the 1980s, you could use this search:

World Cup Soccer 1980 .. 1990

10. Phone Area Code Search

Need to know where the phone number is located? Google will let you know where it is, and shows a map of the area, as well. For example: 415

11. Use of Character ~

If you will be googling but keywordnya less / forgot to take my character ~. Examples would like to search for Saosin song, but forgot his album. Gini aja gan wrote:

Highway Chance ~ Album.

12. Looking Image with Desired Resolution

When searching for images on Google according to the resolution, this is very useful if we are looking for wallpaper in "google images" adjusted our screens for example:

ie our screen resolution 1280x800pixel, and we want to find the size that much wallpapaer cartoon. Just type in google images search:

Cartoon imagesize: 1280x800 (search for wallpaper "Cartoon" with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels)

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