How To Remove Apps From Google Play Account

How To Remove Apps From Google Play Account

Here's How to Remove Applications on Google Play Store. Android users often spend a share of data services by downloading the application. Software does exist that have a very large size and mostly in the form of games. Download the application, especially the free ones often becomes a habit.

How To Remove Apps From Google Play Account

Sometimes you can see it on Google Play Store or in some online media and direct download. Later you realize that the longer the application or in fact not useful at all and immediately delete it.

But when you want to install one of the apps that have been removed and see there are many applications that once downloaded, you definitely hard to find. Now Google have updated their online store the application and the user can easily remove a variety of important applications.

The trick, open the Google Play Store on the device. Then tap the Google Play Store is in the upper right corner and you will be brought to the My Apps menu. After that you will see a variety of applications that are now being installed in the device. Slide the screen to the left and will appear All Apps page.

There you can see all the apps I have ever downloaded. For the record, you will realize that not all apps can be removed. Some of these applications will be inscribed Disabled. While that can be removed is that having a round icon with oblique streaks.

If you press any of the applications you want to remove, Google will ask for permission to do so. Then if you want to directly delete some applications, press any application you want removed, and you can choose the other. Good luck.

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