How to Install Games on Android

How to Install Games on Android

For those of you who have recently been using Android phones, some of you might be a little confused how to install or how to install android applications android games on your favorite phone. This tutorial is very simple, but there are some people who do not know. I was the first time buying Android phones not know right away. Here's how:

How to Install Games on Android

Method 1. Download games or applications through the Android Market.

Phones with the Android operating system in general has been equipped with the Android Market app. Although titled "Market" is impressive sales, but do not worry, a lot of cool free apps available on the Android Market. Through this application you can download hundreds of thousands of apps / games.

Here's how to install Android games or applications through the Android Market:

    The first: Login (sign in) to the Google Apps Market. In order to use this feature, you must have a Google account and have an active internet connection.
    Second: Select the application or game that you like.
    Third: Click "Install". after the application or game will be automatically downloaded (download) and will be automatically installed in your phone. Beres deh.

In the Android Market, apps or games will be classified according to the category, if you select one of the categories will be displayed list of applications "Top Free" or free apps most downloaded. It is easier for users to select applications or gaming at its best. You can also use the search facility to find the applications you need.

Method 2: How to Install Android applications through PC.

Than through Android Market, you can use your computer to download the game or application and install it on your Android phone. This method is useful for installing games or applications that are not available in the Android Market.

Here's how to install Android applications through the computer:

    First: Find the file application or game you want to use a computer and download it. For information, the file name ends with the application for the Android mobile phone or extension. "Apk"
    Second: Connect your phone to your computer using a data cable and transfer the APK file from the computer to the SD card. If it does not have a data cable, use a card reader to transfer the APK file from the computer to the SD card. You can also use Bluetooth to transfer files.
    Third: open the file manager (My Files / "My files" / File Browser) in the Android phone> locate the APK file that was in the transfer> click on the APK file to install

If on your Android phone there is no file manager application, you can download it first from the Android Market. One of the well-known file manager app is Astro File Manager. To search for a file manager application using Android Market, you simply type in the keyword "file manager" in the search field.

If the application can not be installed, check pengaturanya:

    Go to Settings (Settings)
    Click Applications (Apps)
    Tick ​​"Unknown Source" (source unknown)

For the record, you can find applications outside the Android Market (on the internet) is not monitored by Google, so there is only the possibility of the application or game is a virus. Therefore, we recommend you to install Anti-Virus application first.

Some older versions of Android phones have Android Market installed. Cell phones that do not have the Android operating system is still usually the Android version 1.5 (Cupcake). If you are not yet installed on the mobile Android Market, you can try to use the methods above to install Android games on your mobile phone.

Method 3: How To Install Android application from PC via the website

The following ways are also a way to install Android apps via PC, but the difference file. Apk (Android application) is not transferred from PC to Android phone.

Note: The application will make the download process is not a computer, but still Android phone.

These include the most recent and here's how to install Android games or applications it:

    First: Go to using your computer, and then sign in with the same Google account that you use on your Android phone.
    Second: Select the game or app that you like
    Third: Click "Install". Once you click install on the website, your Android phone will automatically download and once completed will be directly installed applications on your phone.

Note: The "Install" on the computer just as a trigger only, data or pulse will be charged when the Android phone to download after you click install on the website.

If you have more than one Android phone that uses the same Google account, when you click "install", the website will give the option to install on the phone which. (How To Install Games on Android)

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