How To Backup Android Apps Without Root

How To Backup Android Apps Without Root

How To Backup Android Apps Without Root - How to easily create a backup file in android APK file especially, as we often hear for backup apk can be done using Titanium Backup where a device is diroot since not all android users it is categorized as an advanced user, but still many who remain loyal as a normal user in the sense of using all existing features without maximizing the advantages in functionality or device as desired punyai or more personal in short as a normal user.

Back again about how to backup android files on the SD card where the condition is not at the root, which probably can be said is important so that all the APK files that have been installed from the Play store can re-install without having to re-download, in addition to the backup file can result in share to friends or stored on storage media such as flash drive, hard drive or other storage media her, try an application called My Backup.

My Backup

This application is quite good and can count on to matters such as APK file backup, SMS, Contacts, System Setup and Online Data yours, which can be saved in SD Card up to this application can run android devices that have root access or not, will be very help for users who are not at the root of Android device backup backup affair was so easy, all the results of the backup will be stored in a folder with the name Reware that can be installed, on the share at any time in need, the process was pretty easy to just select which applications will be in backup without a long process.

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