Tips: Presenting LCD Retro Theme in Android

Tips: Presenting LCD Retro Theme in Android

Still remember the LCD screen of mobile phone products in the late 90's? If yes, and you do a flashback of development over the last 20 years, the LCD screen on a smartphone today could be considered a miracle in itself.

LCD display screen in the 90's is very simple, with no variation in color except black and gray. If you are someone who is spirited and loved the simplicity of the retro design of the past, a YouTube user with the ID z3u5 recently posted a video tutorial to bring the classic LCD theme for Android users, and it looks very cool guaranteed (at least, for fans of theme retro of course).

This classic theme can be presented through a launcher like Nova, ssLauncher, and also Go Launcher. You need to download resource packs of MyColorScreen first, and then use the theme and background contained in it in the launcher of your choice. Icon pack that is going to bring you a list of the applications you need, with the added note only slight adjustments. Not all themes will have a classic-style text LCD, so you may also need removing icon labels as well if you do not want this classic effect broken zoom.

LCD theme also comes with a number of skins for UCCW Elixir 2 widgets and system information widgets. To understand the application process, go see the video below. Some parts might be a bit tricky as changing the icon for the shortcut, but the result is guaranteed to satisfy you.

To download a needed resource pack, click the following links:

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