Tips BlackBerry 10: camera

Tips BlackBerry 10: camera

Have you played around with the camera on the BlackBerry 10 handset? If you have not explored it too much, it's time you do it try the following tips.

These tips are written by Ty Willimas of InsideBlackBerry, contains 5 tips and tricks to use BlackBerry camera 10. What is it?

1. Use Scene Mode Shooting and different
BlackBerry Z10 has many options that can help you create the perfect photo whenever you need it. So, after activating the camera, make sure you understand all of the options presented on your BlackBerry screen.

For example, in addition to Normal mode shooting, you also have the option to use the Stabilization and Burst shooting mode. Stabilization can choose if you feel you can not calm enough when shooting or hand-shake that often. On the other hand, you can spend Burst capture the moment for action, such as when there is a dog running catch tennis balls, or your friend who is jumping into the pool Reang.

In addition to the Shooting mode, you also have many other options in Scene Mode, such as Action, Whiteboard, Night and Beach and Snow.

To be able to access the above options, tap on the 3-point-shaped icons that are on the lower-right corner and change the settings as you see fit.

Tips BlackBerry 10: camera

2. Change Focus Box
Whenever you use the camera on the BlackBerry 10 devices, you will see a box appear on the screen. That is the focus box that you can use to adjust the focus. The trick, drag or move the box so it will be centered on a subject you want to focus (sharpest part of the photo).

3. Quick Preview
In addition to tapping on the thumbnail photos on the left-bottom corner of the section to see a photo, you can do it the other way faster. To check whether or not fitted with a photo of your liking, you can touch & hold a photo thumbnail you want and then follow by moving your thumb up or to the right. When you do that, you will be able to see the enlarged size of the thumbnail so you can see the picture more clearly.

4. Copy photos to computer Windows / Mac using the BlackBerry Link
The most easy and fast way to access, sync, share and organize all the photos, music, videos and other files using either a WiFi or USB is to use the BlackBerry Link. If you have installed the software then now is the time you use it to easily organize your files are stored in the BlackBerry 10 devices.

In addition to the above purposes, the BlackBerry also links you can use to backup blakberry. Highly recommended for you to backup your BlackBerry 10 handset at least once a month.

Equally important, you can use the BlackBerry Link to copy files from / to a BlackBerry smartphone using the WiFi connection. That way then access and manage all of your media files will be felt easily.

5. Media Sharing
Variety of media files (photos, music, videos) you can wirelessly share of BlackBerry 10 devices to a device that has DLNA support, such as computers, televisions, etc.. To be able to do so, please follow the steps below:

- Tap Settings, select Media Sharing
- Activate the Share Picture by selecting ON

3. Tap 'Device' and select the checkbox that is next to each device you want to give access to the media files. To stop sharing, uncheck the checkbox.
4. Tap 'Back' to save the settings.

BONUS: Geotag Pictures
When shooting using a BlackBerry 10 device, you are given the option to geotag photos with the location where you took it. For example, you can use the geotagging features while on holiday in Bali so that whenever you look at the photo, you can remember that you took the photo on Kuta beach, for example. To enable it, follow these steps:

- In the Camera app, swipe down from the top of the screen.
- Tap 'Settings' and then set to ON Geotag Picture

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