how to shop at amazon

how to shop at amazon

Before we get into the main discussion. I want you to know first, how the heck is an online shopping site that sells all kinds of needs of the sellers we joined in As a trivial example, was like a shopping mall, which in that there are some otlet otlet-sellers of all kinds of our needs and we can look for a need we are not just one otlet only on, but we can find several vendors selling otlet our needs earlier, for example nih .. we want to buy branded jeans Lee, we can find in some otlet sellers on that sells Lee jeans and of course with varying prices, and we also offered a choice if we want to buy a pair of Lee jeans are the second condition or ex ... eeeitt ... Used here instead used the former as we usually ..

Used here is still relatively new, and perhaps only disposable. But the problem now is, not all of which are otlet the to ship to countries other than the USA, we should know otlet anywhere to ship to countries other than usa. Well .. how to ...? here I will give tips on shopping at

1. Log into your site first

shop at amazon

If you already have an account, you can simply sign in, or if you do not have an account, you can sign up first, the contents of the requested data and the confirmation of your registration via the email sent by up here I think you already have an account on

2. You can choose the items you want by selecting on Shop All Departments or can just type the item you want in the search contacts provided, for example, we will buy the Razer Mamba mouse.

3. It will be out Razer Mamba offered by with $ 98.67 price offered by one otlet at Notice in the picture circled. Circled in the picture there is written 18 new from $ 98.67 and 4 used from $ 92.50. 18 new from $ 98.67 18 otlet point is, there are selling Razer Mamba ranging from $ 98.67 to the new conditions and 4 used from $ 92.50 means the Razer Mamba mouse there are 4 Used for sale starting from $ 92.50

And this is where we begin to choose whether new or second-hand. I think we will pick a new one. Then to find out if it\'s from 18 otlet to ship to countries other than the USA, we can click on 18 new posts, then.

4. Will list 18 otlet Razer Mamba sold complete with prices and postage. And to choose from the 18 otlet serving shipments to countries other than the USA, we can note the description of the service delivery of the otlet, as circled in the picture. Circled in the picture is no description International & Domestic Shipping Rates and Return policy, which means it is serving overseas and shipments to the domestic as well as returns. So the Razer Mamba is sold by one otlet at - in this case is otlet VirtualSim - to ship to countries other than the USA, we can choose this otlet premises clicking Add to Cart, then the next process is

5. We can simply click the Proceed to checkout

6. Next we will be asked to enter your account password at, even though we\'ve signed in before, but for the ordering process, we are required to enter the password again we are at by selecting I am a returning customer, and my passwors is entering your password. Then click Sign in using our secure server which means go through our secure server maintained.

7. Next there will be a place we address the items ordered will be shipped according to the data we input during sign up the first time, we can directly click the Ship to this address, or if you would like delivery to another address such as office address, can put the data in Or enter a new shipping address

8. Next is a summary description of the item shopping and delivery address and the approximate duration of delivery, the image is mentioned averages 10-16 business days, which means an average delivery time takes approximately 10-16 working days, if it is all a deal, we can directly click continue only

9. Next is the payment processing options, because we use a credit card so we could choose Add a new card

And we will be asked to enter the data from our credit card, and then click Add your card and click continue

And the next process is a review of the process of our transaction and if we agree with all the above processes, then we can just click finish and the next will be no incoming email in our email from that contains details of expenditure, the price of goods and postage and estimated duration of the goods we will receive. And .. we just wait it out with a sweet home.

But keep in mind, that not all who are in otlet to ship to countries other than the USA, so if you\'ve done the above steps and still no one else otlet to ship to countries other than the usa .... Well ... definitely not deh .... bite the fingers deh .... hehehhe ..

Additional tips shopping online with a credit card.
1. Use a computer with anti-virus that has filtur Identity Protection and anti-spyware, anti spyware why? Because one of the characteristics of spyware is the ability to monitor our internet activity. I suggest Norton or can be a combination of AVG and Spyware Doctor.
2. Avoid shopping online with credit card at the cafe or cyber cafe or internet cafe, because we will never know whether the owner of the cafe using remote facilities dasktop or not. What is a remote dasktop? Gampangannya of remote dasktop is what activities we do on a computer ter-remote dasktop will be very easy once known by the installer at the remote admin dasktop.
3. Use filtur browsing with Private Browsing, because by using Private Browsing, then all sites or tabs open that we will not be stored in History complete with his cookies-cookies.
4. And to further reassure, after doing shopping online with credit card, delete all cookies and history lists are stored.

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