How to Easily Remove Numbers in Calculator app

How to Easily Remove Numbers in Calculator app

For those of you who frequently use the Calculator app on the iPhone for counting, tips this time you should not miss. It should be noted, is meant here is the Calculator app in Apple's native applications not third-party applications.

Now try to open the Calculator app on your iPhone or iPod Touch and enter any number. Just type any number, make sure the more than two digits to try this trick. Afterwards, delete the numbers.

You probably are one iDevice user who always uses the 'Clear' to remove the numbers in Calculator app. The way it is considered easy because it could erase the entire number on a screen iPhone without deleting them one by one. But it also means that when you are just one type of the numbers then all the numbers will be erased and you have to type from scratch.

Well, did you know that deleting numbers in Calculator app you can do with a single swipe? Try just swipe from left to right, in the box where the figures before you type. What you are used to?

Exactly! Calculator app will only delete the last digit you type. This is not a trick that is extraordinary as various jailbreak tweaks that are widely available but it would be very important tips for you who often work with numbers :)

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