BlackBerry Tips: How To Get Fuel HQ Images

BlackBerry Tips: How To Get Fuel HQ Images

You know one of the capabilities of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is sending various image files to other BBM users. With BBM then you do not have to worry about sending pictures in large size will affect your packet data. But often when you receive pictures from BBM contact, you receive the picture size is not precisely the same as the original picture.

Things like that happen when common image transfer to go through the process because of image compression to speed up the delivery process. On BlackBerry 10, you still can get a high-resolution picture with ukura via BBM. How do I?

When your friend send a photo will display a thumbnail version of the photo. Enough press and hold on a thumbnail photo then you memunculnya a number of new options.

1. Save Picture, choose to save the image to a BlackBerry 10 handset
2. Set as BBM Display Picture, chose to make DP BBM you
3. Request High Quality
4. Share

To get the image in high resolution, you just choose the third option, namely Request High Quality. By selecting the option you contact BBM will resend the photos you asked for, but this time in full resolution.

Well, that way you will get the photos and other high-resolution image via BBM on BlackBerry 10 handsets. Easy, is not it?

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