How to Use footnote In Word ( NEW )

How to Use footnote In Word ( NEW )

Footnote a footnote located at the end on the sam page, footnore contains information, uraia or reference a quote, usually marked with a footnote number at the end of a given word kaliat or footnotes.

To create a footnote in Word 2010, can follow these steps:
1. Place the cursor at the end of a sentence or word that will be given foonote.
2. Click then click insert footnote references


3. Records keystrokes or the content of the footnote
4. So in the back of a given sentence or word footnote will appear small numbers, and in part that although there halamn numbers and information you have provided.
5. If the pointer is directed at footnote number it will display information or the contents of the footnote.

Do the same thing to make selanjutna footnote, and the footnote number will automatically change according to the order.

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