Open a Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows 8

Open a Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows 8

How to Open a Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows 8 - When you open a Command Prompt normally will typically show C: \ user \ Profile>. In stark contrast when in the open in the Run Administrator will display C: \ Windows \ System32. By opening a Run Command Prompt as Administrator you will be able to type in commands to execute.

Command Prompt really works when you want to create a batch file, the basic script, or to perform admin tasks. The weakness of the Command Prompt, you can do all that when you open it as an administrator.

How to open a Command Prompt as an Administrator in Windows 8?

There are 3 ways you can do, here's how:


you can open a Command Prompt as admin by using the keyboard shortcut Win + X. After that you just click on Command Prompt (Admin), if User Account Control pops up click Continue. Now Command Prompt will open the admin.


Type cmd in the Start Screen then select the Apps category on the menu.

Right click on the Command Prompt application, as it would appear under the menu option. Select the menu Run Command Prompt as administrator then the admin will open.


The trick is almost like a second, but the second step is slightly different. First you type cmd in the Start Screen.

Then you right-click the Command Prompt application and select Pin to start.

After that go back to the Start Screen and right click on Command Prompt, select Open file location.

At this time you will be brought to the desktop and open the folder where the Command Prompt located.

Right-click Command Prompt, and then select the Shortcut tab and click the Advanced menu under Properties.

Last tick Run as administrator in windows Advanced Properties. So now you can access the Command Prompt with admin from the Start Screen.

Now if you want to execute commands using the Command Prompt will be easier to do.