Tips: How To Use Paypal On Ebay

Tips: How To Use Paypal On Ebay

How To Use Paypal On Ebay - Online Shopping on the internet is easy. live see stuff you want in the message depending on the payment confirmation we got (Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, etc.). In this article I try to share online shopping experience on eBay and I'm doing is paying via Paypal. Honestly this is my first shopping online, fear not stuff up anyway and lost money. Shopping between countries takes approximately 45 days to hand our new stuff, and most interesting of eBay is that if we can not address them affordable while money had already been transferred they will refund the money where we sent before without deducting dime and we will be asked to change the address.

Online Shopping on eBay via Paypal. I also experienced the above yesterday, I sent an e-mail that "your residential address we can not reach" and then I change the address of my brother, and then try again and confirm the order items, a few minutes later I was sent an email from my payment (paypal) that I have made the payment via Paypal

If we've got an email from PayPal that we have made the payment via paypal. means the paypal will also be responsible for the delivery of goods.

We have asked the seller to send the goods.
Thank you for using PayPal. To see all the transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.

If you've got an email like the above picture you have to wait your goods arrive at, but if the goods do not also get it within 45 days you must contact paypal so paypal contact eBay.

Something like that my first time experience shopping online and luckily my stuff up in less than one week.