Destination marketing with Google AdWords is to increase traffic to your website. How to advertise on Google AdWords can be fairly easy and not complicated. That is sure to put an ad in Google AdWords, you should have a website first, if you do not already have a website, you can also use your blog or your social media pages as reference links.

Here's how it works, your pages will be displayed at the top or on the right side of Google search results whenever people enter certain keywords that you specify. Example: Blog About Internet Marketing. Before you advertise in Google AdWords, make sure you specify your advertising budget first.

Advertising including Google AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click). This means you will spend your every ad that is clicked. The greater the cost deals that you are willing to pay for each click, then your ad will be prioritized to get a good position in the google search results page. Usually advertising by offering the highest cost AdWords ads will be placed in the top position, while the lowest cost deals AdWords ads will be placed alongside search results. Now let's discuss each step in how to put ads on Google AdWords.

How to Advertise on Google AdWords

Visit the Google AdWords website
Login using your GMail ID
Select your Time Zone.
Select your Currency.
Click Continue
Click Sign In To Your Adwords Account

The following step-step how to put ads on Google AdWords:

1. Create Your First Campaign

how to advertise in Google AdWords

Campaign is a marketing program using Google AdWords. The first step in how to advertise in Google AdWords is performing the initial setup on your marketing program.

2. Enter the Name and Type Campaign

If you choose the search networks, your ad will be displayed on the page of a google search, google shopping, google maps, google images, google groups, as well as partner google search page, such as AOL.

When you select display networks, your ad will be in the google website and also partners, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger.

3. Select Network, Device, and Location Ad

On the network, you can disable your ads on google search partners like AOL to put your ads. Part device allows you to select the appropriate user device with your wishes, eg you do not want to put ads on google adwords you through mobile media and tabs.

You can also set the target location to see your ad. Even you can determine it more specific, such as the city or province.

4. Select Language / Language

Adjust your ad language with language that you expect visitors. If you only expect visitors using the language of your country (example german language), just check the German language. But consider include the English language, most people in the world using google with English as standard.

5. Setting a Budget

Make sure you've made ​​a plan beforehand about how much money you will use for online marketing by way of ads on Google AdWords. You can choose to set a fixed price per click ads you post, or you can let google that determine the price to maximize your position in the google search results page. Then, you can also set a budget you want to spend every day, if you are spending per day has passed a budget, then your ads will stop showing for that day.

6. Extension gives Ad

Add extensions as needed on your ad, you can add sitelinks or links to specific pages within your website, add a mobile phone number to be contacted and so forth.

7. Establish Arrangement

Set when you begin showing ads and ad expiration, social settings, ad delivery, keyword matching, and tracking URL.

8. Save and Continue

9. Select the Group Name

Each group can contain one or more ads associated with keywords. For maximum results, focusing ads and keywords in this group with a product or service.

10. Create an Ad

Choose the type of ads that suit your marketing program, whether it be text, image, or video.

11. Select Keyword

Observe in selecting keywords for your ads. Suggestions from google is using 10-20 keywords for your ads. Before choosing the best keywords for your ad, make sure you are using the Google Keyword Tool for researching these keywords.

12. Select Ad Placement

Select the website where you want to place your ad. You can add a list of specific websites or avoid your ads on specific websites list.

13. Save and Continue to Billing

14. Select Country Location Claims

15. Put Your Personal Data

16. Choose your payment method

Payment method will automatically charge directly from your credit card when you have reached the marketing budget in a way to advertise in Google AdWords or 30 days after your program begins, whichever is sooner. With a manual payment method, your new ad will begin airing if you already paid the first payment for your advertising program.

17. Perform your First Payment

By using mastercard and visa credit card, after you agree to the Terms and Agreements, you can immediately make payment and confirm it. Done, you have ad officially aired some time thereafter.

Now you have advanced about how to advertise in Google AdWords, good article about how to advertise in Google AdWords can drive revenue for your company through online marketing.