DeskSMS to Reply SMS via Google Chat

DeskSMS to Reply SMS via Google Chat

DeskSMS to Reply SMS via Google Chat - Your jailbroken iPhone owners who often do not bother to reply to SMS via the touchscreen and prefer to use a desktop, now you can use DeskSMS. With this application you can reply to SMS via IM client that supports Google Chat. Or, if you do not want to be bothered to use GChat directly through the browser.

To be able to use this application must be in the condition jailbroken iPhone. DeskSMS previously only available for Android but now users have jailbroken iPhone can also enjoy all of its features. Here are the steps you need to do to be able to enjoy the features DeskSMS.

1. download Notifo from the App Store and make an account. Open Notifo user settings from a web browser and grab the API key.

2. Now open Cydia from your iPhone, download and install DeskSMS.

3. Open DeskSMS settings on the homescreen and fill the important things that are required (Notifo username, Notifo API key, Google username, password and Google)

4. Open DeskSMS and restart Springboard.

Completed. Enjoy SMS via desktop!