Apple Airplay, Magical Features Of iOS Highly Profitable The Gamers

Apple Airplay, Magical Features Of iOS Highly Profitable The Gamers

When Ipod Touch 5gen released yesterday there was one feature that caught my attention, Airplay. Features that previously only existed for Iphone 4S and the Iphone 5 will be the most desirable for mobile gamers because with this feature Ipod Touch screen display can be 'transferred' to a larger screen magically.


Apple Airplay

One feature that makes this interesting iOS platform than android is the connectivity between Apple devices, and connectivity features one very cool and useful for playing games is AirPlay Mirroring. Airplay is Apple's flagship feature to send audio and video content from one Apple device to the other apple devices via Wi-FI network, for example from Iphone to Mac or from Iphone to Apple TV. Airplay Mirroring whereas display screen can display Iphone / Ipad / Ipod to Apple TV screen, including games and applications.

HOW TO ACTIVATE AirPlay Mirroring

To be able to use it at its features you need two devices, ie Iphone / Ipad / Ipod with a minimum OS version of iOS 5 and Apple TV second and third generations. Her manner was very simple setting:

Ensure Iphone / Ipad / Ipod and Apple TV are in the same wifi network 1.
On Iphone / Ipad / Ipod double tap the home button to bring up the recent apps.
Swipe from left to right twice to find the AirPlay logo.
Tap the logo and select Apple TV Airplay who want to be connected.
Mirror last slide switch to the On position.


Like I mentioned above, this feature is very, very cool for gaming purposes. Imagine you can play a variety of games like NFS Most Wanted iOS, Real Racing 3, FIFA and other large-screen TV, certainly not very pleasant.

Real Racing 2 Dual Scree Gaming - Engadget

Which makes this feature added cool of course because now more and more games that are made premises optimize the Airplay feature. Games like NFS Most Wanted, Asphalt 6, and Real Racing 2 is not only able to show the game to the Apple TV screen, but also can disable the display of games on Iphone / Ipad and turn it into a track where the race course view. Features that could distinguish the two screen display is very useful, in addition to more informative also more efficient battery and the processor does not need to render the image twice as heavy.

Unfortunately not all games support AirPlay with different views. EA itself is one of the early adopters of Airplay for homemade games, strangely though RR2 support by default but not for RR3. Real Racing 3 it can be played with but look at how Airplay Iphone / Ipad remain the same as the display on Apple TV, perhaps in full support for AirPlay RR3 will be available in future updates.

Another use Airplay way that is no less cool conducted by FIFA 12 game. Download Fifa 12 on the Ipad, show to the big screen with AirPlay and download the Application controller for Iphone, and you will feel like playing on a console. Even you can play against your friends simply by connecting the Iphone other extras such as a controller in the following video.


To beat Apple with its Airplay Google took the initiative to form an alliance vendors to develop new wireless technology standard called Miracast. Miracast has exactly the same features with AirPlay, sending multimedia content from one device to another device, does it matter if Airplay exclusive to Apple devices then miracast an open standard can be used by other vendors.

Because it is still a very new technology devices that support it are still few. Counted so far only smartphone that comes miracast Samsung Galaxy SIII and Google Nexus 4 / Optimus G. But the future of this technology as the well-known and highly adopted many vendors who believed miracast can be tough rival for Airplay.


Airplay feature is fun for gamers, played a game on the screen in big screen while at home certainly gives its own preoccupations. Although the adoption tinggat Apple TV to the people of Indonesia is still very low but I believe the future of this technology, both Airplay and Miracast will be very attractive. Features like a smartphone that can make a real gaming console, if things like this are going to be the beginning of the death of the console?

How well the fate of the Nintendo Wii U Nintendo made bother to have a feature like this and it turns out Apple managed mengwujudkannya with a more simple way. I was reminded of the words of wisdom, "A genius is someone who takes a complex thing and makes it look simple."