6 How To Increase Speed Of Android Phone (NEW)

6 How To Increase Speed Of Android Phone (NEW)

How To Increase Speed Of Android Phone - Android phone you have today may be fast enough to run a variety of applications also browsing. But things like that you will not encounter one or two years if still using the same handset.

There are many reasons why an Android handset that has been aged a year or two to be not as strong as when first purchased. Applications are not made perfectly and the reduced capacity of RAM is one of the many reasons. But do not be too worried because of the declining speed of your Android handset in general can be overcome or tricked with a few easy steps.

6. Factory reset
Over time you'll have to install and uninstall applications banya some of them. Perhaps also there are apps that keep you save though never used. For some cases, such applications remain running in the background and of course requires its own battery power.

By doing a factory reset you will be able to get a platform that re-fresh. You can also perform storage format / microSD card. With the format you will be able to remove the remnants of files and folders left behind after the uninstall application. And of course with the format you will be able to get a bigger space.

After doing a factory reset and format, make sure you only install apps and games are needed. Thus you will not need to uninstall applications / games that are running in the background that are likely mengurasi your Android handset battery.

5. Software Update
Update given on your Android handset vendors generally provide bug fixes and improve battery life. For example, Android Jelly Bean proven to work wonders for the Android handset battery.

4. Turn off System apps
Is one reason why Android devices become slow after a few months of use is due to the lack of RAM. A number of applications continue to run in the background needs a lot of RAM, resulting in slower devices. You can increase the speed of the Android device by turning off some unnecessary system apps, which run in the background.

Unfortunately, this option can only be found on handsets running Android 4.0 and above. System apps can be accessed via the Settings> Apps / Application Manager> swipe to the All tab. Afterwards, you can turn off the system each of the applications you want to pick the Disable option. However keep in mind to not disable the entire system apps because it will result in the disruption of the stability of the system.

3. Greenify
Greenify is the name of an application that has been long available in the Play Store. This application serves to hibernate applications running in the background. Thus can increase the battery life. No need to worry about the stability of the system as Greenify not have adverse effects on the Android system works.

2. Lagfix
There are many versions of Android phones that use a low-end cheap NAND for ease costs. In effect, the performance of Android handsets would be very disturbed and weak. At first perhaps due to the weak performance of the NAND will not feel but you will find the changes after 6-12 months of use.

To overcome this you can use an application called Lagfix. This application will help you improve the performance of NAND Android handset so that you will be more responsive. Before downloading LgFix at Play Store, make sure you have rooted Android handset.

1. Root and Flash a Custom ROM
If these five steps above do not quite meet your desire to speed up the pace of your Android handset, the last step you can do is by rooting and flash a custom ROM. The process may be a little tricky for beginners but is guaranteed to speed your Android device will rise sharply. And after that you can change the look of your Android handset by installing a cutom ROM. Thus you will merasakah a long experience of using Android handset that looks new.