Best Laptop 2013 - 20 Latest Laptop in the World Today

Best Laptop 2013 - 20 Latest Laptop in the World Today

chosen from various reputable products famous brand's latest laptops in 2013 based on various criteria of good performance, design, features and complete support. Knowing sense laptops also commonly referred to as a notebook computer with a form of electronic devices that are smaller and easier to carry around make laptops more attractive to many people.

Laptop at the present moment so enchant the very rapid development of hardware both within and outside of the casing forming elegantly designed with outstanding resistance to a variety of things that can be damaging. Manufacturers laptop / notebook has many famous experiment so as to create a portable computer device better than ever with a more complete feature.

Popular laptop brands such as Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and other laptop brands best has launched various new products with better performance with sleek design is more elegant and full of features that make you want to linger use it both for work activities or as a means of entertainment.

It is undeniable Tablet PC presence enough bewitch many people both in Indonesia and in the world as a portable gadget is very easy to carry with a smaller size and lighter too thin with ease of use. Many have been the best tablet on the market such as the New Ipad Apple products and there from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Tab and many manufacturers both locally and abroad have been competing to launch a tablet with better quality, but at a more affordable price. Moreover, too many tablets at low prices such as IMO a very affordable tablet for the price for anyone who wants to have a tablet PC with cheap price.

We need to realize the presence of the Tablet PC still can not replace the function of the performance of both the laptop and a few other things that are very in need by many people in increasing labor productivity and a more complete means of entertainment. Then made a list of the best laptops in 2013 with a variety of viewpoints and also testing conducted with the view of some things which are as follows:

Performance (Performance)
Performance Laptops 2013 Best view based processor with a processing speed of the processor used in the work, the quality of the card displays Video Card, Audio, Operating System (OS), amount of memory (RAM), Hard Drive Capacity (Storage) and also endurance and Save Laptop Battery were used.

Design (Design)
Best laptop design seen from different perspectives, both as a display and portability of electronic devices with a computer that is physically different dimension to the PC. With a variety of design options for resolution and screen size, laptop weight and compliance in energy savings.

Feature Set (Completeness Feature)
Best laptops 2013 must have a complete range of features for complete connectivity like Wifi and Bluetooth, webcam available with built-in microphone for chatting purposes or web conference with business associates. More of the latest features of the USB ports with higher numbers and more speed than previously available with HDMI port which is a new port has been developed and has been widely used as a liaison to monitor the speed and better resolution.

Warranty & Support (Warranty & Support)
Best laptops 2013 is sure to be included in a minimum warranty period of 1 year for certain damage with applicable regulations. Support in providing service to users must be available either through direct phone or via email and live chat, availability of a forum for users and also download the full driver with easy access.

Previously been given a list of the best laptops 2012 contains 30 complete with laptops with different types of well-known brands, in 2013 the development of information technology and the creation of various new components affect both software and computer hardware and human resource requirements will be something more more than ever the best laptops 2013 is the next generation of portable computer which has the advantages of various aspects of the previous year both from outside and inside.

Best Laptops 2013
List of 20 World's Best New Laptop Today

MacBook Pro
Dell XPS 15z
MacBook Air
Toshiba Satellite P870
HP Pavilion dv7t
Lenovo IdeaPad Z580
Dell Inspiron 17R
Dell Inspiron 15R
Fujitsu Lifebook NH532
HP Pavilion g6t
Toshiba Satellite L875D
Acer Aspire TimelineX
Dell Inspiron 15N
HP Pavilion dv6t
Lenovo ThinkPad T530
Table Review Top 10 Best Laptops of 2013

10 Best Laptops of 2013

List of 20 Best Laptops of 2013 in the New World Nowadays most top with numbering HP ENVY 17 is the best laptop number 1 among all others to follow quality laptop. Recomendasi in purchasing should choose a laptop / notebook quality from different points of view, but also adjust to the needs for quality usually means the price is too high and should be smart enough to buy for necessary needs. Use the best antivirus 2013 for the protection of systems and applications and data on the laptop so the best that we have further improved the performance and activities of laptop use more comfortable and safer.

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