Google Play (Play Store), How to Register, Download, Solution Explanation In Complete

Google Play (Play Store), How to Register, Download, Solution Explanation In Complete

Google Play (Play Store), How to Register, Download, Solution Explanation In Complete - With this I will review more about Google Play, How to Register, Complete Solution In explanation we provide here. Maybe for Android smartphone users are already familiar with Google Play bukan.Android Market is synonymous with Android users. For that reason, Google stripped the name. To change the impression of the user by changing the name into Google's Android Market Play Play Store.Google a digital content services spanning Google's online store for products such as music / songs, books, apps, games, or cloud-based media players. This service can be accessed either via the web, android applications (Play Store), and Google TV.

Google Play

Android devices can run applications from third party developers. When the installation process, the device asks whether the application allows users to access and modifications to the device, such as accessing the Internet, make calls, send SMS, read and write data on the memory card, access the contact list, send the data users, or others. This is what makes Android devices vulnerable to viruses or malware. However, so far reports of a virus attack or malware is still relatively very little. For the Android users should be especially careful with such virus attacks. Android Operating system for mobile devices has grown rapidly over recent years with the growing number of smart phone users. One trigger was the large number of applications offered on Google Play with hundreds of thousands of applications, many of which are free.

For the first one was. how to register google play account:
- Visit the site:
- Login / login to your Gmail account.
- Done.

Well there you are logged into the admin Google Play. Have a look around and left right. His name is also a new store, may still feels strange. However, soon you too will get used.

Next up is. how to download apps from google play store.
Google Play can be accessed from Android devices version 2.1 and above. Here are some steps in installing apps from Android Market (Google Play).
- Search for the desired application. We can search for applications based on classification, or directly use the search facility.
- When we click on an application, a description will appear on the description, the rating given to its users, and reviews or comments from our users.
- When you click install, then the application will be downloaded and the download process will take place as a background process, so that the user can re surfing in the Android Market (Google Play).
- Applications that have been downloaded from Google Play will appear in the menu downloads. Users can delete apps from this menu.

Format used by the application Android phone is Android Package Files (GER). Applications downloaded from Google Play (Android Market) does not automatically installed after downloaded. Necessary services file manager to install these applications. Down on Android version 2.1, the application will be installed in the internal memory of the device. However, the Android version 2.2, the application can be installed on external memory, internal memory so the device can more freely. The most common problems experienced by users when accessing Google Play Android can not download applications to devices they own. Therefore I give Problem Solution Download Apps on Google Play (Play Store) which I've provided below:

1. Clear the cache and data on the application or Google Play

Based on the many reports of users who have overcome this problem by moving the cache and or data on Google Play application. The trick is to access Google Play via Settings-> Application Settings -> Manage applications -> Google Play.
Choose clear cache (some users also do clear data). After that, restart your device, and you can download the application from Google Play as well as the App Store (iOS), and BlackBerry App World.

2. Clean Proxy

If the first method does not work, another way is to eliminate / clean the proxies used (internet and MMS). Sign in to APN settings that you use to access the Internet and clean the proxy settings. After that try to access Google Play. In the same case it clears.

3. Replace Google Account Play

Another way is also reported to be successful by some users is to change the Google account you use to access Google Play. The trick is to add the new Google accounts through account management. Then go to Google Play, select the Account menu and replace with the new account you created. To add a new account on the device being used, you have to sign up to Google and create a new account.

4. Google Play Revert to the previous version (Android Market)

Some users managed to solve this problem by returning to the previous version of Google Play (Android Market).

It can be seen at point number 1, but by choosing Uninstall Updates.Versi Google Play will be returned to the old version of the Android Market. Restart the device and access to back Google Play.

5. Done Overcome problems.

So that I can inform you on Google Play (Play Store) - How to Register, Download, Solution Explanation In Full, hopefully this information can help you in mengaskes Google Play (Play Store) comfortably. Do not miss the next info.

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