Make a Screenshot in Android Smartphone

Make a Screenshot in Android Smartphone

Making screenshots on Android smartphones may sound easy enough, but not all of us can do. To facilitate this there are many applications that allows us to make such screenshot screenshot it and other applications. Unfortunately, these applications can only be run for Android smartphones that have been in-root.

screenshot in android

But do not worry, because you can still make a simple screenshot without having to download third party applications first. It is certainly enough memory capacity to save us, let alone which only has storage space for data that is not too big.

You can follow the following steps:

First, we select screen phone that we will capture.
Then, press and hold the "Back", then we click on the button "Home".

If the screenshot is successful, the Android smartphone we will give a sign, can be a clicking sound, vibrate, and the information written on the mobile phone screen. Display results that we capture will be stored in a folder called screencapture contained in the gallery. In addition to this method, there are many other ways that we can try, but those steps are given seems the simplest. Good luck.

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