Lock Screen Mac With QuickLock Applications

Lock Screen Mac With QuickLock Applications

Lock Screen Mac With QuickLock

Lock Screen Mac With QuickLock Applications - Lock your Mac so that it can calm leave a variety of jobs, and there will be no one who can touch your Mac PC or laptop when you're left out. QuickLock application can be run from the command keyboard shortcut or via the notification icon.

In Windows, you can press the key combination Windows logo + L to lock the screen. You can also do this on a Mac, but it is only if you have done the settings on your own Mac computer whenever the computer screen or activity does not happen then your Mac will be in a sleep state. Do you want to use the keyboard shortcuts but do not want to type your password every time you want to wake your Mac computer is? Too bad Mac does not support anything like that.

As a solution you can perform the installation a lockscreen app such QuickLock Mac, this application is a simple application that will help to lock the Mac screen with easy conditions, other than that you can also set the display what you want to look as you wish.

Lockdown Mode
As previously discussed lockscreen Mac application will appear when you use or pressing a keyboard shortcut on prearranged. There is no password box to be filled, but you can also adjust the settings to enter a password (password) if you want it. If the shortcut or the password is entered correctly then your Mac desktop will re-open.

Click the menu bar then your screen will be locked, but if you want to make a shortcut on the keyboard combination you can select it. You can even set the program to lock the screen at a time that had been made earlier or at a certain time.

You can adjust various settings via any basis on this Mac lockscreen app that you think you need. You can set the display background applications while being locked to make it look more attractive to set background image, color display, display time, featuring the music being played.

The arrangement in accordance with what you think is good and that lockscreen display looks more attractive when you leave your Mac computer or office at the time of the break. The additional settings in this QuickLock application are:
# Dimming the display.
# Running the application the first time the computer is turned on.
# Conducting the process locking the screen and can set the time.
# Access via keyboard shortcuts as you see fit.
# Passwords should not be the same as the login password for access to your Mac computer system.

If you are interested and feel the need to install this application on a Mac, you can download the application here because the QuickLock is not available in the Apple Store.

Screen Without Locking Applications
Actually you can also make the process of locking the screen (locksecreen) without application, but will look slightly old-fashioned. But if you're interested here's a way to lock the screen (locksecreen) on Mac. Please you open keychain access on Utilities, then open the program's preferences, then pilihadd keychain status in menu bar to the box. So with those settings you do not need to do the install of other applications.

This application offers both of these features without having to bother to set it from the utilities menu, other than that this app can also do the customization on your screen is locked so that it will still look more attractive. [AG]

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