BlackBerry Tips: How to Filter Accounts in BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Tips: How to Filter Accounts in BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub is one of the coolest features that brought BlackBerry OS 10. As the name suggests, features BlackBerry Hub is a place in which all the things you can find. Call it email, SMS, Twitter mentions, Facebook messages, BBM and all other notifications that go into BlackBerry 10 handset. With BlackBerry Hub, you will not be bothered with the opening of each application is different to just check the relevant notification.

You may include all notifications from various accounts that you got into the BlackBerry Hub. But no doubt if most of you probably just want to BlackBerry Hub filled by notification of a particular account. For example you have 3 email account, you can set the primary email are displayed in the BlackBerry Hub, as well as accounts for other applications. How do I?

This is way below to filter your account whatever you want to display in the BlackBerry Hub:
- Not BlackBerry Hub by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to the right-upper (inverted L).
- Tap on the icon shaped overflow 3-point located at the bottom-right, and select 'Settings'
- Tap on the 'Hub Management'
- From there you can disable the account you do not want to activate the BlackBerry Hub
- When finished, tap 'Back' to return to BlackBerry 2x Hub

At a later time if you want your account was disabled back to the BlackBerry Hub, you can repeat the steps above and change the application / account that you want to position ON.

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