BlackBerry Tip 10: BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Tip 10: BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Balance is the coolest features is given in BlacBerry OS 10. BlackBerry Balance provides luxury in one handset for two purposes: work and personal, through the Work and Personal Profile.

To be able to use the BlackBerry Balance feature optimally, you can use the tips and tricks of the BlackBerry team following:

1. Separating personal and work accounts
To separate the use of the Personal and Work, you can give different colors on different schedules that you have entered in the Calendar.

For example, by using the BlackBerry Groups, family members you can integrate the Calendar to ensure each group member can receive updates of schedules and appointments are made. Then through a fast swipe, you can hide the calendar events to switch to schedule and appointment at Work profiles. In the Calendar app, swipe down from the top bezel to open the menu. Select Manage to show / hide calendar and Settings to change the color.

2. Protecting personal moments
BlackBerry Z10 features an 8MP camera to create images with high quality. In addition the Time Shift feature will make the images more fitting for being able to capture every second frame you want. Then you can save the image to a personal profile so that the profile is not accessible at Work.

3. Access important documents with ease
To access the document company / your job through Work profile, you can utilize in your company\'s firewall capabilities so that it can open up access to file sharing. Download BlackBerry applications can access the Work Drives for work documents, edit and manage content remotely through a network drive provided your company.

4. Access only what you need
BlackBerry Balance helps you achieve balance in your life. If you do not want to be bothered with notifications work, you can lock profile Work to restrict the entry of email and other employment information. From the Home screen, you can swipe down to open the menu, click the Balance icon on the side to lock the profile kir Work.

BlackBerry Balance can you pelajarai more detail through the following video:

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