Setting Remote Desktop Windows 8

Setting Remote Desktop Windows 8

Remote Desktop has become one of the important features in Windows since Windows XP, and then continue to be refined with the latest version. Although the feature is not very popular among the users windows remote desktop application, this feature is a great tool for anyone who wants to control multiple computers on the network simultaneously or even for someone who had to provide technical support to friends or family who are connected with internet connection .

Now with support for Windows 8 tablets, use Remote Desktop will likely tend to increase. Anyone who has a Windows tablet can be connected to a home or office computer from any location as long as it has internet connectivity.

So before knowing the how to make a Remote Desktop connection on Windows 8, it must first be known about how to enable the remote desktop feature in Windows 8.
A quick way to open a remote desktop control panel is using RUN Feature in Windows. Open the Run menu by shrotcut Win + R and type SystemPropertiesRemote.exe and press Enter.

Remote tab in the System Properties window will be active by defaul, then check the Allow remote connections to this computer and click on the Apply or OK button.

If your computer is in power saver mode, and your computer will automatically go into sleep mode hibernate sleep mode when not in use, Windows will ask you to change the configuration in the Windows Power Options. This ensures uninterrupted remote desktop connection.

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