How to Use Siri to Twitter

How to Use Siri to Twitter

One drawback in the iPhone 4S Siri is his inability to tweet what you are saying in the Twitter app. But do not worry, you can outsmart so ramble on Twitter via the easy to use iPhone 4S Siri assistance. Consider the following steps:

1. Turn your Mac or PC and open the browser version of Twitter. Then all you have to do is enable Twitter text messaging. Do it by clicking on the drop-down list in the upper right hand side and select Settings.

2. Click on the Mobile tab, third from left.

3. Enter your mobile number with area code iPhone 4S in "Phone number" and click Start.

4. You will then see a screen that asks you to verify the cell phone. See who enter the verification code in the iPhone 4S and proceed with the next step.

5. Open the Messages app on the iPhone 4S and send an SMS containing the GO to 89887.

6. Open the Contacts app on the iPhone 4S. Create a new contact by tapping on the + symbol next christened with the name Twitter. Fill in the phone number 89887. Will be seen to be 898-87.

7. Now you can start commanding Siri to tweet. Say "Text Twitter" and tell me what you want to tweet. Siri will memabacakan back what you say and if it was true then when Siri asks "ready to send it?", Answer "yes". If Siri misinterpreting what you say, you can edit the tweet on the iPhone 4S screen and send manually typing.

8. You can also ask Siri read your tweets if you have enabled message notifications in the Twitter browser app. When finished setting modifications, click Save. Good luck!

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