How to Use FileZilla Applications

How to Use FileZilla Applications

FileZilla is an open source-based software used to transfer data from and to a web hosting account.

Here I was informed how to How to Use FileZilla application.
1. Please feel free to download the file through the official website at FileZilla or also directly via the link here.
2. Once the download is complete, please direct your install. If the process has been successful, activate the application so that it will appear as shown below:

3. Further included in the section Host or domain name address of your server. Then enter the same username and password that we provide cPanel. To port, you can empty or filled with numbers 21 and directly Quickconnect.
4. After a successful login, will be automatically entered into the content of a web hosting account that you have.

5. For all results menunggah design your website, please get into the public_html. Please upload all your data in the directory.
6. You simply select the files to be uploaded. Then right click and select Upload. After that the file you selected will be automatically uploaded to the hosting account.

I postingngan so this time about How to Use Application FileZilla.
may be useful for you.

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