How to Use Facetime on iPad

How to Use Facetime on iPad

Facetime on iPad

FaceTime on the iPad 2 is an amazing new feature if you often do chat a shout out friends or family you definitely want menyoba this device. This application can also be used for business, school, or prsentasi remotely. If you start using it and have problems, here are some hints and tips how to use FaceTime.
Facetime on the iPad 2. Screen size and flexibility of using a tool that is perfect for multi-party videoconferencing or hold talks with the crowds. If you really want to see the power of Facetime, take Apple Digital AV adapter and input on the TV, you will see amazing results bisasa of this application. FaceTime Nevertheless there are also some shortcomings because it is still new here so I\'ll try to give you some tips so that you run as expected FaceTime.
How To Use Facetime on iPad | Help And Tips

FaceTime Calling
FaceTime you have to be activated first and then login to your AppleID. If you do not have AppleID, you can get free when you open up FaceTime the first time. Other person you also have to have good face time on iPad, iPhone or Mac is a video that can be run.
If you have an apple ID you can go straight into a FaceTime using the ID and it will be your address if anyone else wants to contact you, you can also go to Settings to activate Face Time or non aktifkanya me.

How to use FaceTime and call:
Press or tap the FaceTime app on your Contacts application.
In a press FaceTime application name in your list or in the app after finding people on the go to the contact and press \"call Facetime\".
If you want to add a contact just tap the plus icon in the contacts (either in FaceTime or in your contacts app) and then enter the information to tell them that you add to them.

There are several things that can be done when calling with FaceTime:
You can move the camera by pressing the camera icon with a picture and press the arrow.
You can also mute the microphone by pressing the microphone icon image.
You can move through small picture (your picture) when doing communication using Face Time but you can not eliminate them.
You can also use other applications while on a FaceTime call simply by pressing the Home button and then choose another application. You are still going to talk to others but you will not be able to see each other. To return to the call, press the green bar at the top of your iPad 2 screen.

Common problem when we use Fice Time
Face Time If you are not going well you can do ristart simply press the home button and wait ristart sapai finished then use the Face Time application again.
There are several things that must be done when using Fice Time ie check whether the call works or not:
Make sure you and others have the correct email address that you use to set up FaceTime
Make sure you\'re connected via Wi-Fi (it will not work over 3G)
It may take a little time to connect your call with the speaker.

Here are some tips to Face Time running smoothly:
If your video looks slow, make sure you are both in close range of the Wi-Fi signal as possible and if you are in a cafe with Wi-Fi sapai Make sure the signal to your iPad 2, and look around if many are using Wi-Fi auto- signal will weaken your dah make Face Time substandard.
If the image looks grainy or pimples appear clearly on the menu select the camera to reduce resolusu
If an image you do not want to look, turn the iPad 2 into the other direction.

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