How to Make a Live USB Ubuntu Command In Linux Mint Using Command Line

How to Make a Live USB Ubuntu Command In Linux Mint Using Command Line

Last night I installed the Linux operating system in time ASUS 1015PEM netbook I use Live USB of my own in Linux Mint using command line commands, I was going to use UNetbootin program but it did not fit me no choice open to Kali Linux, I finally was browsing and found a way to create a Live CD it via Terminal, here\'s how:

The first step of your flash plug into the USB port on your computer, then you identify its location using the command line mount command output will appear more or less information as you can see in the example image below:

In the example images in the name of my flash is BLUE16GB and located at / dev / sdb as indicated by a yellow highlight. Well after knowing the location of its flash now you move to the folder where the OS ISO file is, for example, I would install the OS is Ubuntu 12:04 LTS, and its location in the folder Downloads / OS, then I use the command cd Downloads / OS to go to the folder where the Ubuntu ISO file is located.

Now we begin to make its Live USB (make sure you enter the correct location on the flash that I give a blue color in the following command, do not let you enter the location of the hard drive! Because if any of your data on the hard drive can be lost!), Command to create a Live USB it is as follows:

sudo dd if = ubuntu-4.12-desktop-amd64.iso of = / dev / sdb bs = 512k

Please adjust the ISO file name (which I gave a red color) with OS ISO file that you have, and also adjust the location of your flash on my part are colored blue. Then wait a few moments until the process is complete the Live USB, after you unplug it and then plug the flash his computer to which you plan to install.

If you use the ASUS 1015PEM netbook, so at boot time can go the way you plug the flash into its flash and then on his netbook, and shortly after its netbook turns you tap-hold the Esc key on your keyboard until the boot menu appears , select boot from the USB menu and please continue the process.

Here are photos ASUS 1015PEM netbook that I test my operating system to run Ubuntu LTS 12:04 from Live USB that I created using the above method:

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