How to install Windows 7 via USB stick

How to install Windows 7 via USB stick

During this time I have tried to find information on how to install Windows 7 via flash, and finally succeeded, too, although the process is running a bit slow and I think going too ya guns can install via USB pendrive, baru2 has many articles that discuss cara2 install windows via USB flash, and I do not think it's worth trying another trick, who knows there is an increase in speed penginstallannya.

Installing Windows via USB flash this turned out a lot of advantages compared to the CD or DVD disk, we do not have to worry about CDs or DVDs that guns are the same kebaca CD / DVD-ROM, CD or DVD is scratched, sometimes complicate the process of installing Windows, while through the grouch itself, this thing needs to happen again lah guns.

I will show you 2 (manually and automatically) to install Windows 7 via USB stick

Before we start, we need to be prepared are: At least 1buah stick with 4Gb capacitance ato more, because Windows 7 at least take place at 3Gb.

How to Manual:

1.Plug the USB flash disc. (Enter to the usb port yah, do not to another place).
2.Button press WIN + R, type cmd and click OK.
3.Type diskpart and press ENTER.
4.Type list disk, press ENTER and choose which one is your USB flash, be careful not to select any of the other disk is formatted. if you have only 1 hard drive ate his USB flash disc is disk1.
5.Type select disk 1 and press ENTER.
6.Type clean and press ENTER.
7.Type create partition primary and press ENTER.
8.Type select partition 1 and press ENTER
9.Type active and press ENTER.
10.Type format fs = fat32 and press ENTER
11.Type assign and press ENTER
12.Type exit and press ENTER.
13.Insert Windows 7 DVD disc and copy all the contents of the DVD was to the USB flash disc.
14.Booting your computer through a USB stick, malalui bios setting your computer, make sure the boot it via a USB stick, if langkah2nya true, then the process should be run through a windows installation USB stick.

Automatic way.

Automatic way of course is my choice, and it is available for the name WinToFlash program, this program will pass langkah2 like the manual method above, what we need to do is run the program, select the source and direction of windows 7 USB pendrive.

Download the latest version of WinToFlash program first. (Download link at the end of article)
Extract and run the file WinToFlash.exe
Click the "Check" and run the Windows setup transfer wizard.
Click "Next"
Select the file location and the location of the Windows 7 USB flash disc. click "Next".
Select "I Accepted the terms of the license agreement" and click "Continue"
Click OK to begin formatting the USB stick and file2 Windows 7 will automatically be inserted into the USB stick.
Click "Next" when finished pengopian, and bootinglah your computer via the USB stick before. langkah2nya if true, then the process should be run through a windows installation USB stick.
Another way specific to Windows 7 can use tools from Microsoft, the Windows 7 USB / DVD Download tool.

After download and install, start the program, in step 1 select the file location. Iso windows7 us, then step-2 select whether to install usb flash tau to burn to DVD disc.

Recently, I found another new software to make flash us a CD / DVD, this utility to change our flash installer for windows vista and windows 7. How to wear it pretty easy, just select the location and source of our flash drives CD / DVD windows vista or windows 7 us.

As another way to make our flasdisk to be used to install Windows 7 is to use a tool called EasyBCD, following the steps

1.For those who have not had the EasyBCD program, please download the link at the end of this article:
2.Flash disc and then plug it into the USB port of your computer, then format the partition using FAT32
3.Run EasyBCD program and click the "Bootloader Setup" in the left panel.

4.Under the "Create Bootable External Media", choose the flash that will be created to install windows 7.
5.Then click the "Install BCD" and wait until the following dialog box:

Click the "Yes" and then close the program EasyBCD, then enter the Windows 7 DVD into your computer / laptop.

6.After that, copy all the contents of the DVD was to flash windows 7 we have prepared earlier, if you have a file. Iso windows 7, first extract to a folder that we have set, then just copy to the flash disc earlier.
7.Done, now flasdisknya can be used to install windows to a laptop / computer.
Thus a new trick to make fd we could be using in order to install windows.

And to test whether usb pendrive or DVD disk windows we succeed or guns to use programs / tools MobaLiveCD.

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Download the latest WinToFlash 0.5.0013 Beta.
Download the latest WinToFlash 0.6.0011 Beta.
Download Windows 7 USB / DVD Download tool
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Download EasyBCD here
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