How to Install Blender 2.65a In Ubuntu / Linux Mint

How to Install Blender 2.65a In Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Blender is an application of open source 3D animation studio that has a variety of tools used for 3D modeling, animation and video making visual effects, 3D video game creation and playback (built-in game engine), a non-lnear video editing and compositing, etc. .
Blender 2.65a In Ubuntu

Blender has a few features such as the following:

Rigging and skinning
Particle, physics, fluid and smoke, simulation
UV mapping, etc.

Blender has been updated recently to version 2.65a and experienced more than 40 bug fixes. Although a free and opensource application, Blender is not inferior to similar applications are paid, depending on the wearer. Opensource movie titled Tears Of Stell created using Blender follows:

To Install Blender on Linux is fairly easy. My friend just need to download blender here, and extract, go into the folder, then double click the executable file Blender.

Or if you prefer to use the terminal:
$ Cd && wget-c-O blender-2.65a-linux-glibc211-i686.tar.bz2
$ Tar jxvf blender-2.65a-linux-glibc211-i686.tar.bz2
Mv $ blender blender **
$ Rm blender *. Tar.bz2

Run the blender with the command:
$ ~ / Blender / blender

Or install Blender in Ubuntu / LinuxMint with an easier way, you can just install via PPA by using this command in the terminal:
$ Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: irie / blender
$ Sudo apt-get update
$ Sudo apt-get install blender

Good luck ..

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