How to Create a Recovery Disk Windows 7

How to Create a Recovery Disk Windows 7

Some of the problems that often occur on one Windows 7 Windows can not boot, hangs or is very slow.

To address problems in Windows 7 is we have to make a system recovery disk, but if you already have the original CD of Windows 7, the disc had to be used for recovery of Windows 7 that error.

Recovery system that we can not make it to install Windows 7 but can only be used to fix common problems that often occur in the Windows 7 OS that can not run.

As for how to create a Windows 7 system recovery as follows:

1. Click the Start button
2. Backup type

3. Click backup and restore

4. In the left column, click Create a system repair disc

5. Select the DVD and then click Create disc

6. Wait until the CD burning process is complete

To test whether the disk is to be used or not please restart your PC, then enter the bios settings, setting the first boot the PC DVD drive, after setting stored restart the PC, wait a moment, if it appears the menu system making recovery disk has been successful.

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