Basic Guide Using PayPal With True (Latest and Complete)

Basic Guide Using PayPal With True (Latest and Complete)

how to use paypal

PayPal is one of the means of payment (Payment procesors) use the Internet\'s most widely used in the world and is guaranteed kemanannya. Before using paypal, it helps us to know some of the basics of using paypal. And in the following basic things you need to know paypal users.

1. PayPal Account Types
I intended for the use of this type of individual. User accounts can receive up to 5 payments using debit or credit card in the past 12 months and is charged per transaction. Other payments are not charged. Here are the basic features of PayPal which applies to all types, such as: sending money for free, request money from PayPal members, access and use auction (Austion Tools), payment through a website, downloading each account transaction records

Intended for users who have a high volume traksaksi or want access to basic and premium features of PayPal (to be explained later). Premier account can be used under the name of the individual. Unlike personal account, premier account to accept payments from debit or credit card with an unlimited amount. However, all payments received by a particular charge.

Premier features that only apply to the premier or business accounts include: all the basic features in ataskemampuan to do business under the name of the corporation or entity, accept debit or credit card payments without limit, usage and subscription and recurring payment arrangements, the ability to make payments mass customization transaction records

Intended for businesses, allowing users to operate the business I was under a company or group name and receive payments from customers without PayPal accounts. As a premier account, a business account can accept payments from debit and credit cards with no limit, although all payments received will be charged a fee. However, if you routinely receive payment from the credit or debit card, the premier or business account is right for you.

Advantage is receiving payment from a debit or credit card with no limit. The drawback is that every receipt, you will be charged. If you run a business and use PayPal to receive payments, premier or business account is necessary.

2. Ensure active PayPal Account
Once you register paypal, many paypal users who forget to turn on his paypal account. How to enable paypal account is to confirm your email address.

3. PayPal Verification
During an active account, you have a transaction limit (receiving and sending paypal balance) of $ 100.00 (one hundred dollars), for that you need to verify paypal to remove restrictions so you can use paypal to the fullest. Paypal verification can be done by connecting your Paypal account to your bank account (only valid in the USA), with a credit card or with VCC (Virtual Credit Card).

When verifying a paypal account, prepare also scan photo id (can use ID card, driver\'s license or passport) and proof of address scan (Use one of the following: ID cards, driver\'s license, passport, credit card statements, tax returns home, the water account statements, reports banks etc.).

4. Send Payment
How to send payment is very easy, just go to account paypal account and select send payment. After that, enter the destination email / given payment, then enter the nominal and select the type of payment. There are two types of online payment and personal payment, please choose according to your payment needs. After that move, you will go to the page for your payment transaction memastikkan back, if it is true then go ahead and click the \"send payment\".

5. Transaction Dispute
It is the most preferred by the buyer, the features that we use this money to purchase / payment will be secure. Suppose you shop at eBay or at any merchant that receives payapal, but the goods have not come (45 days), you can be disputed transaction to paypal. How to log into your paypal account and click on the center of the settlement.

6. PayPal Shopping Cart Buttons
To facilitate you accept payments from all over the world, you should also use paypal with a paypal shopping button features (previously you had to have a paypal account primer / business, click -> list of paypal.)
In default of payment website, there are three options that you can use. But for simplenya easy and you can use the paypal shopping the \"Sale of Goods unit\".
Then after selecting the \"Sell Item Unit\", you will be directed to download the settings button. After all the on-set, click \"Create Button\" then you will get the HTML code, then copy and place it on a
For a while, so first some basics in using paypal. Hopefully this info is useful yes. If one wants to ask, just leave a question in the comments field below.

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