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This article I created on the basis of sharing with each other, so that the information seekers on how remote the remote computer could find a solution. In terms of usefulness, to how to operate Team Viewqer is easy to use.
The first thing I will explain what it is Team Viewer:

Team Viewer is a fairly simple program and very easy to use to make access Computer (PC) remotely remotely via the internet. The software is one of the Remote Desktop application.
For Partners who do not know what it is Remote Desktop here I will give you understanding. The Remote Desktop is: a term that describes where a single computer, a computer that can be controlled by using other media such as the Internet computer network.

Usability Team viewer:
The usefulness of this program is that if we are in a time where we lag of a file, then we could take these files via Team Viewer with file transfer facilities. With a record of the destination computer and the computer is held each has Team Viewer already installed. So also for us who often do support the office computer problems can also use this program. From the remote control facility can help computer users difficulty in software or setting issue that is still in the scope of software (OS, Office Applications, Settings, etc.). Or when we are outside the city but suddenly one of the staff we wanted some files but must be described or presented, then with the remote desktop facility, chat, and also transfer the file we will be facilitated by it all.
Here are the steps to use Team Viewer as a Remote Computer software remotely.

1. Download Team Viewer Software If you are not yet able to download it
2. Perform installation by following the commands.
Open the program, you will see two sections. In the "Wait for session" underneath are ID and Password. If someone has not seen it, the sign was a test program to determine the connection and computer IDs and passwords for the computer to be able to associate diremote by other computers. If it appears the number, then that "identity" you (your computer). Then on the right called "Create Session", the box is filled to the connection to the remote computer. Do the same on the other computer. Well, here you specify which computers are used as a remote and which functioned as a remoter. Remoter computers are being used to control computers that will diremote.

3. Now just enter the computer ID will diremote on the "Create Session". I mengamsusikan fellow colleagues already know the ID and password of your remote computer. Then at the bottom, specify specify four options. Is Remote support, Presentation, File transfer, or VPN. Then click the Connect to Partner.

4. Enter the password that will be our remote computer.

5. And you have Ready To Use.

Team Viewer

This is the view When you successfully entering your computer remotely
Good luck.


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